Pre Weddings

Pre-wedding session allows couples a trial-run at how it feels to be together in front of a camera. Even if you’re used to having your photo taken on your own, having your photo taken as a couple is an entirely different experience.

To get the most natural photography possible during a pre-wedding photoshoot, we encourage couples to be intimate with each other. This usually involves getting in nice and close, and trying your best to imagine we’re not there, and it’s just you and your loved one. We appreciate this isn’t an easy thing to do at first, but slowly you will get used to the camera, and start to forget it’s even there. It’s from this moment on that the photos really start looking natural, and we can capture some genuine moments of emotion that happen without any prompting whatsoever.

The pre-wedding photography session allows you this opportunity to become more comfortable in front of the camera as a couple before your wedding day.

Come your wedding day, you’ll be ten times more relaxed around us and our cameras, and know exactly what to expect during your bridal portrait session.

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